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360 Degrees of M&A
Exploring the M&A process from every angle.

Welcome to Transaction Talk. Business broker Jennifer Fox and attorney Eric Sigman team up to provide a 360-degree view of the current Boston business for-sale market. From buying and selling to franchising and everything in between, Transaction Talk breaks down the deal process from a business, brokerage, and legal perspective. A resource for business owners, buyers and entrepreneurs, Transaction Talk offers interviews and real-life deal experiences from industry experts and key transaction players. 

Get the inside scoop on what's trending in today's economy.



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Buying a Business:

How Foreign Nationals Can Qualify for an E2 Visa

Shiva Karimi is an Immigration lawyer and Managing Director for McLane Middleton’s Boston Office. She is experienced in navigating complex U.S. Immigration issues and advises businesses on hiring key personnel and helps foreign investors and buyers navigate the purchasing process of a business on U.S. soil. In this episode, Shiva breaks down what it takes to qualify for an E2 investment visa, what business owners should be aware of when working with a foreign buyer, and how to best handle an international transaction like this.


Scott S., MA

"The 'Transaction Talk' Podcast is an exceptional podcast that has quickly become a favorite of mine.  It offers a refreshing exploration of the process of selling your business.  Each podcast provides valuable lessons that business owners can learn from and apply to their own businesses."

James C., MA

"The 'Transaction Talk' Podcast delivers objective advice and guidance that every business owner needs to embrace prior to selling their business.  A true blueprint for success!"

Nancy G., CT

“This is one of my favorite new podcasts. There is great content backed with real-life experiences. If you are a business owner or looking to buy a business you need to start listening to this podcast.”
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